Meet Our staff

Knowledgeable and friendly, our staff is passionate about our sport.  Every member of the Runners’ Retreat staff is trained and ready to help you find the right shoes or insoles for your feet whether you walk, run, or spend a lot of time on your feet.

Mark Stickley, Owner

Mark brings a wide range of experience to Runners’ Retreat. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1985 (don’t be surprised by any vocal pro-VT sentiment). While at Tech, he set the (still standing) record in the 10,000 and qualified to the US Olympic trials. He qualified to the Olympic Trials 4 times during his professional career. In 2005, he was inducted to the Tech Hall of Fame. In addition to leading his Runners’ Retreat staff, Mark also coaches the boy’s cross country at Handley High School. He’s married to Beth and has 3 kids.

Personal Records:

  • Marathon: 1988 Houston Marathon, 2:17:13
  • Half Marathon: 1986 Philadelphia Distance Run, 1:02:19
  • 15 Kilometers: 1984 Jacksonville River Run, 43:19
  • 10,000 meters (track): 1984 USA National Championships, 28:45:97

Max Stickley, Co-Owner

Max has been employee of the month every time since he’s been here in 2014. He can be found sleeping on shoe boxes or scaring off customers dogs. Everyone knows him as the most aloof cat. Coming soon- Max can help you find your perfect shoe so be on the lookout for his shoe quiz!

Personal Records:

  • Amount of times he knocks something off a table: 100+
  • Speed hit when a customer walks towards him: 15mph
  • Number of dogs ambushed: 17 and counting…

Glen Tortorella

Glen is one of the fastest men in the Winchester area. At 50 years old, he regularly wins his age group at races if not the race itself. When Glen isn’t running or working at Runners’ Retreat, he’s probably helping his wife home school his 5 daughters.

    Colin Staneart

    Colin is a finance major at Lord Fairfax Community College. He has been running for twelve years starting at age six. Colin ran for James Wood High School prior to working at Runner’s Retreat. Colin’s 5k PR is 17.22 and his 400 is 53.09.

    Tonya Stotler

    Tonya is a local runner originally from Berkeley Springs where she ran track and cross country in high school. She lived in Loudoun County for many years where she trained for and ran many marathons as well as other race distances from 1 mile to 50 milers. While living in Loudoun County she coached runners from beginners up to marathoners. She enjoys working with runners and is excited to be a part of the Runners’ Retreat team. She is the 2020 winner for LSM Grand Masters Women with a 7:07.0 time.

    Katie Borland

    Katie is a 2020 graduate of Millbrook High School and an upcoming first year at the University of Virginia with plans to major in Aerospace Engineering. She has been running on school teams and participating in local races since middle school as well as completing three half marathons. While not in school she leads our group runs every Thursday and trains every day with the hope of running a marathon within the next year and racing as a part of the running club at UVA.

    From Our Customers

    What a GREAT buying experience for an investment in my feet! The sales lady was not pushy. She was more interested in finding the perfect shoe to suit me. I loved my Altras’ so much I walked out the store with mine on my feet. I’m looking forward to walking without feet, leg, or back problems!

    Wendy S.

    The team patiently helped me sort through at least 10 pairs of shoes before finding the right ones, and let me take them for a test spin down the walking mall before buying them! They offer a 30 day trial period, as well, which is great. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! I look forward to going back next time I need gear!

    Danielle G.

    Thanks to Chuck for working with me on getting into a new pair of Hoka’s. Product knowledge and customer service was great!

    Jeremiah D.

    Come Visit Us!

    Ready to get started on your fitness journey? Come stop by! We are located in Downtown Winchester, VA on the Walking Mall near the Braddock St. Auto Park. If you have any questions about our store or our products, please give us a call at (540) 665-8394 or contact us!