Boston in winter

Winter is one of the hardest seasons to run through.

The weather is rough. We’ve already had snow, ice, sleet – and we’re only half way through January.

It’s dark longer. Sunrise at 7-7:30 (depending on cloud cover) and sunset at 5:30-6 doesn’t leave a huge window for running in daylight.

It’s cold at the start. For people like me, that means it’s harder to get started.

But if you think Virginia winters are bad, count your blessings: You could live further north. Say Boston. On that 18 degree day last week, one of my northern running friends told me the high was 1 degree. That’s cold, folks.

Boston born and raised race director Dave McGillivray has lived with that weather his entire life. And he doesn’t plan to move south (like I seriously contemplated last week. Miami sounded really good on that 14 degree run).

For those of us who struggle to run December through February, he had some great thoughts on winter running.

  • Cold nasty weather is tough. But if you view it as another challenge, it makes you tougher.
  • Dress for the weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes, my grandpa tells me. He’s worked marine construction through the worst weather, so he should know.
  • Adhere to the lug nut rule: “He who has the most lug nuts rules.” In case you weren’t aware, runners don’t have lug nuts. So please don’t play chicken with that 18-wheeler.
  • If you have to, drive to routes that have less ice, snow, and slush – preferably less traffic (remember the 18 wheelers).
  • Get organized. More dark hours means planning ahead of time when you’re going to run.

To read more the Bostonian’s winter running tips, click here.

Carters Line Rd, White Post

Carters Line Rd, White Post











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