After you guys gave us feedback on shoe brands you’d like to see in the store, we decided to introduce Altra! Here’s some details on why you should consider wearing an Altra shoe – or at least taking it for a test run.

Men’s Provision 2.0

Footshape Toe Box

Altra’s wide, FootShape toe box allows toes to spread while running. By giving space for the big toe to stay straight, Altra shoes can reduce pronation.

Zero Drop

Altra shoes are Zero Drop to encourage natural, relaxed running and a midfoot strike. The Zero Drop also promotes proper foot, back, and posture alignment.
Men’s Torin 2.0

A-bound cushioning

Altra gives you great cushioning and protection from the road. Combined with Zero Drop, Altra shoes can reduce injury because they encourage proper running form.

Gender Specific

Men and women have different foot shape characteristics. In general, women have narrower feet than men, and Altra has introduced shoes that embrace those differences. Women’s shoes are slightly more narrow.The FootShape toe box is designed to fit men and women like Goldilocks for your toes – just right.

Women’s Torin 2.0
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