“The Topo Ultrafly 2 was the shoe that got me into Topo.  For the past 10 years, I have been purchasing men’s running shoes for three reasons. I wear a size 11 women’s running shoe, I like a nice, wide toe box and I wanted a lower drop shoe without being a zero drop shoe.

The Ultrafly 2 has met all of my needs. It has the widest toe box of any women’s shoe I have tried. It has a good amount of cushioning, without being overly soft. I have very high arches and like a little support but I also want to feel the road. 

The Ultrafly 2 is light weight and the material is breathable. It’s comfortable to run a 5k or a marathon.   I have finally found the shoe I love!” – Jess Minor

Men’s and Women’s Shoe Specs

Jess Minor is a local avid runner. If you like to run SVR races, you’ve probably seen her there. Thanks for the review, Jess!


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