Emily Warner is a local, avid, and accomplished trail runner. She also co-leads the trail running group Shenandoah Trail Runners which you can join for free! She wrote the below review after testing the Speedgoat on several runs.

Shoe Specs

Runner details: female, average-lightweight, high arch, narrow heel & midfoot with wide forefoot, prone to overpronation

Likes: The Speedgoat fits my wide forefoot without being too loose around my average to narrow midfoot and heel. Sizing is standard: I wore the same size in the Speedgoat as in Altra, Montrail, La Sportiva, and Asics and half size smaller than in Pearl Izumi. The Speedgoat provides much cushioning without feeling soft or spongy. It quickly became my go-to for long runs on smooth to moderately technical trails; recovery runs; and any day I felt tired. Despite being a trail shoe, these have been on several road runs when I wanted more cushioning. The high stack height keeps feet out of shallow puddles and maintained a quite responsive and surprisingly stable shoe. Laces are easily long enough to double-knot, they stay tied, and they can be untied easily even when wet or caked with mud.  

Dislikes: The Speedgoat’s stability broke down for me on technical trails. Granted, I’m not the most coordinated, but I found that the wide base compromised nimbleness and increased likelihood of ankle-twisting, and at that point, the high stack became worrisome. I’m definitely more apt to roll an ankle in (rather than out) when wearing the Speedgoats. This could be simply exacerbation of my overpronation due to higher stack, but it feels like the Speedgoats tilt my feet ever so slightly to the medial (in side). Not a problem on smooth terrain, but concerning on very technical trails.




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