What is the best hydration supplement for those who are ultra-runners, marathon runner, or even the ones who run on a day that the humidity sticks to your skin like gum? There are many brands out there that claim to be the best and that their product quenches thirst. One of these brands is NUUN. This brand is great for their purpose of everyday training. Having only 10 calories per pack with around 2g of carbs and loaded with vitamins and essential electrolytes that help replenish the body during a workout. Is this enough, however for those who are racing a marathon or 100-miler? How much nutrients does the body need during these extensive long runs? Is there a product that has all the components necessary to increase performance with the proper nutrition components?

Putting the extensive scientific research about electrolytes in a simpler summary, electrolytes replace what has been lost in the body due to sweat. Doing this performance is enhanced and hydration is increased. When a person uses electrolytes during a workout, there is less room for injury, exhaustion, and less stress to the digestive system. To help accelerate hydration in the body the use of sodium and glucose has been found to absorb water easily into the small intestine for proper use. The primary components of sweat are water, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium (Choi, 2018). On top of all these essential minerals being lost a person burns calories and carbohydrates while training as well. Generally, a person burns up to 500 calories during a moderately intense workout (Jeukendrup, 2004). Even though this sounds wonderful for those trying to lose weight and body fat, for those who are trying to gain strength in their performance, this indicates a large caloric deficit that is difficult to replenish. On average, a person can process 250-300 calories per hour meaning those who train daily are lacking essential nutrients that will help them reach their goals (Jeukendrup, 2004). Along with calories being lost carbohydrates are being burned as well. Many scientists have found that in the human body, carbohydrates can be absorbed at the rate of 1 gram per minute. Looking at this from a real life situation: if a person is training for their first marathon and is trying to gain muscle, increase hydration, and prevent cramping, this person needs to account, for a 45 minute run, about 475 calories lost and carbohydrates being burned as the first source of energy taking from what they have already eaten that day. This is a lot to replenish and accomplish in a day on top of work, family, and training. So how does one find a supplement that has all these replenishment components that will not upset the stomach?

Each person is unique and this in return means that each person’s digestive system is unique. For some gluten, dairy, corn, red meat, and many other foods do not process well while being digested. This makes it difficult for those who train daily to replenish and prevent injury like discussed in the paragraphs before. Finding a product that fits the criteria can take a lot of time and money with the possibility of failure. Tailwind is a product with all these nutritional components and dietary needs in mind. Tailwind is made with natural ingredients making the digestion process easier without the added chemicals or anything artificial. Because of the liquid format of Tailwind, it does not stay in the digestive system for very long making the effects have a faster turn around time from when one first starts drinking Tailwind. The approach to Tailwind is to have a product that is easily digestible so it will work well for most all stomachs, even those who do not normally have any digestive issues. The flavors are mild making it easier to drink. Instead of having sugary tastes, which leave your mouth feeling like you just ate some cotton, Tailwind leans more toward savory flavors.

Trying to find what works for one’s body can be expensive and frustrating, especially when one has a goal to reach. Tailwind is definitely something to try that will be safer than other electrolyte drinks for the stomach and will hold up to the biological demands that running has on the body. Trial and error are unfortunately the only way to figure out what works, but with products such as Tailwind with people’s goals and needs in mind, the search can be less frustrating. At Runner’s Retreat, we stock Tailwind for these reasons along with our other various nutritional products. If you are looking to try something new or have been having issues finding the proper supplements for your specific workouts, stop in and talk with our staff about the products. Make sure to pick up a Tailwind for yourself and maybe even a friend!


-By Danielle Fincham



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