Mark working on Warrior pose

Last week, Taylor, Mark and Courtney attended The Running & Fitness Event for Women in Chicago.

Three days of seminar sessions and trade show booths left us energized and inspired! Libby Gill (former head of communications at Sony, Universal and Turner) encouraged us to be purveyors of hope. Erika Napoletano (a branding expert) showed us how to find our voice and own it.

At the trade show, we saw great products and met awesome people. Stay tuned for the new products, events, and promotions! Plus we saw some future products yet to be released.




So far we’re planning to bring in:

  • SheFit Bra
  • Currex orthotic inserts
  • Smartwool socks
  • Bondi Bands
  • Buff Bands
  • new Fitletic phone arm bands

And keep an eye out for special event announcements! We have ideas in the works for special group runs, clinics, training programs, and fitness class partnerships.

Courtney, Taylor, and Mark on the architectural boat tour Stunt Puppy at the fashion show Monday night

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