We want to offer you the best running gear selections. So, we have brought in three new products: Wearsafe Tags, Run Gum, and Knuckle Lights!



Meet Wearsafe – an amazing new technology hat works hand-in-hand with your phone. It’s a Tag that you can discreetly wear anywhere: on your clothes, your bag, your keys…you name it! With one touch, it instantly connects your trusted network with critical information like location, a continuous audio stream of what’s happening, and a private group chat. Get the right help, right away, with Wearsafe.

Run Gum


Get the caffeine kick you need pre- or post-run with Run Gum. Developed by elite athlete Nick Symmonds, two pieces of this gum carry the same punch as a cup of coffee – and won’t make you pee mid run. The three flavors – cinnamon, fruit, and mint – taste great. Run your best with Run Gum!

 Knuckle Lights


These lights strap to your hands, illuminating exactly what you need to see: the ground. No more bouncing headlamps. No more adjusting headlamp straps mid-run. Increase your visibility and make where you’re running more visible with Knuckle Lights.

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