Throughout the year, we host events that give local runners a chance to test out new products, learn some awesome running tips, and socialize with each other. We believe that running makes people happier and healthier – and we want that community to get together and grow!


July 26: Adventure Raffle Run

Join Runners’ Retreat and Ragnar Ambassador Vern Heavner for an Adventure Raffle Run! 

During this FREE event, you will run to a variety of local businesses, restaurants, and breweries through Old Town Winchester to collect raffle tickets. The more places you visit, the more tickets you’ll collect, and the higher chance you’ll have of winning the raffle prize: a Nathan Ragnar run kit!

Participants can DOUBLE their tickets by wearing Runners’ Retreat or Ragnar screened gear.

After the run, we’ll head to a brewery for drinks.

Check in is from 6:00-6:30.

Still need more info? Keep reading!

Where does the Thursday Adventure Run Start/Finish?
It always starts and ends at Runners’ Retreat store.

Is this a running only event, or can walkers attend?
Walkers and runners alike are both welcome! The objective is to get to as many checkpoints as possible within an hour. Many checkpoints are well within walking distance of an hour.

How much does this cost?
It’s FREE!!

How many raffle tickets can I earn?
Depends on how far you run and how many stops you make it to. Also wear your Ragnar or Runners Retreat gear to get extra tickets.

How many miles is it if I run to every checkpoint?
In general, it can range from 2 miles up to 6 miles. Whatever you do, just make sure to get back in time for the raffle!

How do I know where to run?
We’ll post a map of the night’s course at Runners Retreat right when the run starts!

If you still need more info, contact Runners’ Retreat at