The Staff

Meet our staff! Knowledgeable and friendly, our staff is passionate about our sport.  Every member of the Runners’ Retreat staff is trained and ready to help you find the right shoes or insoles for your feet whether you walk, run, or spend a lot of time on your feet.

Mark Stickley, owner

MarkMark brings a host of experience to Runners’ Retreat. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1985 (don’t be surprised by any vocal pro-VT sentiment). While at Tech, he set the (still standing) record in the 10,000 and qualified to the US Olympic trials. In 2005, he was inducted to the Tech Hall of Fame. After graduating from Tech, Mark moved to Boulder, CO, where he ran professionally for 5 years. In addition to bossing his staff, Mark also coaches boy’s cross country at Handley High School. He’s married to Beth and has 3 kids.

Personal Records:

  • Marathon: 1988 Houston Marathon, 2:17:13
  • Half Marathon: 1986 Philadelphia Distance Run, 1:02:19
  • 15 Kilometers: 1984 Jacksonville River Run, 43:19
  • 10,000 meters (track): 1984 USA National Championships, 28:45:97

Chuck Bowles, assistant manager


Personal Records

  • Mile – 4:51
  • 3000 – 9:13
  • 5K – 15:20
  • 10K – 35:07
  • 20K – 1:14:09
  • Half Marathon – 1:20:24
  • Marathon –  2:51:58
  • 50K – 3:59:02
  • 50M – 6:47:34

Courtney Thompson (Crandell), assistant manager

CourtneyStarted running her freshman year of college by pounding out 3 miles – not recommended because she couldn’t walk the next day. Signed up for her first 5K and has been hooked ever since. She used to think marathons were only for those crazy runners. She’s since completed four.

Personal Records:

  • 5K: 18:13
  • 5 Mile: 32:01
  • 10K: 38:45
  • Half marathon: 1:24:13
  • Marathon: 3:00:12

Israel Lockhart, Nathan Pro

Amy Smith

Cathie Lineburg